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At CloudOne, we're passionate about drones. Our innovative startup fuses the latest AI technology with modern engineering to create UAVs. We're driven by a vision of intelligent, versatile drones that transform industries and lives. Quality is our hallmark, and our rigorous testing ensures reliable, top-tier products. Our customer-centric approach means you'll find the perfect drone for your needs, whether you're an enthusiast or professional. Join us in shaping the future of drone technology.

Our Products

Innovation meets necessity with our cutting-edge drone solutions, addressing critical delivery and surveillance needs with precision and efficiency.

Delivery Drones
Surveillance Drones
Delivery Drone Image

Efficient and versatile, our delivery drones swiftly transport essential goods, from medical supplies to groceries, with payloads ranging from 1 KG to 25 KG. They ensure timely, life-saving deliveries even in remote or challenging locations.

  • PayLoad: 1Kg up to 25Kg
  • Flying Capacity: 30 mins +
  • Battery: 6000 mAh 2s LiPo
  • Camera: 4K Video | 12 MP | 360° Range
  • UAV Type: Mini & Macro
Surveillance Drone Image

Our surveillance drones, equipped with advanced night vision cameras and sensors, provide round-the-clock monitoring, detecting anomalies like intruders, extreme weather, and natural disasters. Their flexibility in flight paths ensures comprehensive situational awareness in remote areas.

  • Target Detection : 300m +
  • Camera : 20x HD
  • Battery : ithium-ion batteries

UAVs have been designed to be able to handle all terrains and temperature conditions. Our UAVs have been used in extreme conditions, from very low temperature at high altitudes such as in Ladakh to very high temperatures such as in Thar desert, meaning that our UAVs have experienced some of the harshest environments in the world.


Encryption and Cyber Security


Autonomous Operation


Versatile Payload Capacity


Swarm Drone Technology


Communication and Data Transfer


Smart Return To Launch

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Unlocking the Sky's Potential: Elevating Efficiency and Precision with Our Drone Solutions.


We offer a wide range of services, including delivery, surveillance, mapping, and surveying.

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